I strongly believe that architecture can play a big role in the development of a society while it can stimulate or counteract social interactions. Our society is subject to a constant change caused by continuous developments in, for example, technology and knowledge. Many of these changes can be considered as progress, but some elements provide a certain level of alienation from our environment and each other. This is where architecture can provide a positive stimulant by enhancing social interactions. Because real interactions, ruling out social interaction in the digital world as real, become more and more important in an ever ‘faster’ world. 


Architecture and design, in my opinion, should emerge as a product of its context, making use of the lacks or chances of the environment as it presents itself. A new design is always part of a bigger scale and will have to make use of what already exists. To create, you must first question everything. A design must react by setting out an appropriate response looking at the history, future, and users. A design should portray and support the actions, needs and preferences of future users. It should be a place that is logically connected with the surroundings but still can be surprising. In my projects I try to create a suitable, stimulating environment to every different situation true the form, materialisation, movement, sequence, light, and detailing that will together create a coherent whole.